Tips and Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get balanced temperature water to the Booster Bath?

  • A simple and safe option is to replace an existing faucet with one that has a garden hose adapter at the end of the faucet outlet. You can purchase a faucet replacement and install it in a utility room or wherever you plan to use your Booster Bath. This is what we use at our home and drain through the utility/laundry room drain in the winter. The faucet allows you to connect your existing garden hose or a shorter one directly to the water source and balance the water temperature at the faucet. Keep it simple!


What kind of hose should I use with the indoor faucet?

  • Definitely do not use ANY soft, collapsible, expanding hose or fabric hose. Speaking from my pet owner’s experience using a Booster Bath indoors to wash my pup, any hose but a vinyl or rubber hose will not withstand the pressure build-up when the fan nozzle valve is closed. The hose will burst and your house will get a good cleaning.


What size Booster Bath should I get?

  • Booster Baths are specifically designed with the needs of different size dogs in mind but with safety as the primary design concern. All Booster Baths support 150 pounds as minimum design criteria but we offer 3 different sizes of 

  • Booster Baths, each designed specifically for HUGE, average and smaller breeds. Dogs are den animals and they appreciate a sense of security from an appropriate space, so bigger is not always better.

  • We like the XL for larger breeds over 100 pounds. It’s very sturdy and elevates the big girls and boys to a comfortable height for the average pet owner.

  • The Large is sturdy enough to support 150 pounds but we really like it to be used for pets between 30 and 100 pounds. Smaller pets are better served by the Medium Booster Bath and larger by the XL. Capacity is not as important as proper elevation.

  • The Medium Booster Bath is the smallest bath we offer. This bath is specifically designed for the smaller breeds that have shorter legs. These breeds need an extra lift to get to a more comfortable height for the pet washer- remember preventing back pain is the goal of the Booster Bath- so the Medium Booster Bath gets a 4-inch pedestal on each leg. We didn’t skimp on this design though; the Medium Booster Bath uses the same legs and can support up to 150 pounds also.


I am above average height; how can I make the tub taller?

  • If you believe your Booster Bath is not tall enough, a Large Booster Bath may be placed on an optional pedestal kit (located in the replacement parts page) which raises the tub a total of 4 inches. These pedestals are already included with the Medium Booster Bath and are not compatible with the XL- at all.


How do I get my dog into the Booster Bath?

  • If your dog is unable to jump into the tub or if you are unable to pick your dog up and place them in the tub we offer a set of detachable steps to assist your dog into the tub. These steps attach to holes in the rear opening of the Medium and Large Booster Baths and rest on the rear lip of the XL. Additionally, these steps can be used for other pet purposes.


I already have a Booster Bath, but I am unsure what size it is.

  1. The first thing to check is the legs, are the legs connected to the bath by bolts? If so, then you have an Extra Large. If not, you have a Medium or a Large.

  2. Is the tub a one-piece design or a two-piece snap together design? If it is a one-piece design, then you have a Medium. If it is a two-piece design, then you have a Large.

  3. If you are still unsure, send us an email with an attached picture of your Booster Bath and we will help you with the sizing. Contact Us


I just put the Booster Bath together and it seems “floppy”

  • The Booster Bath is designed to be easily disassembled for storage. As a result the legs must be easily detachable and snap-in to the bath base. This is not as firm as legs that are bolted on but don’t worry- when your pet is in the Booster Bath the weight of the pet settles the unit and makes it very sturdy.