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Made in the USA and recommended by top veterinarians, the Booster Bath is simply the most elegant, convenient and functional pet bath available for home and light commercial use. Available in a variety of colors Booster Bath products eliminate most of the issues with home pet bathing: slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle (and the pet), backaches from bending over, lifting the pet into and out of the tub and messy bathroom cleanups. The problems we used to have with pet bathing are over; replaced by elevation, containment, drainage and 360° access to your pet!

About Us

We here at Booster Bath are not only people who love dogs. We're people who include dogs as a main priority of our own personal lives. We believe that dogs play an important role within our families and that all dogs deserve the same treatment we provide ourselves both physiological and psychological. With that in mind we decided to develop a product that allows us the ability to care for our dogs and strengthen our relationships, all while protecting our backs and saving ourselves from the stress that come with dog grooming. Join us and be a part of something much larger than ourselves, together let's show these wonderful animals how much they mean to us.


Your Friends at Booster Bath