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Welcome to the Official Booster Bath Site!

What is the Booster Bath?

Made in the USA and recommended by top veterinarians, the Booster Bath is simply the most elegant, convenient and functional dog bath available for home and light commercial use. Available in a variety of colors Booster Bath products eliminate most of the issues with home pet bathing: slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle (and the pet), backaches from bending over, lifting the pet into and out of the tub and messy bathroom cleanups. The problems we used to have with pet bathing are over; replaced by elevation, containment, drainage and 360° access to your pet!

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Dear Booster Bath Inc., Just a little note to let you know we received the Booster Bath. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this item. The Booster Bath has been in constant use since it has arrived. In fact, the Booster Bath is such a hit with our volunteers, they are waiting in line to use it. And because it is mobile, I no longer have to wait for our staff to finish with surgeries to use their tub. It is really proving to be a valuable time saver as well as a ‘back saver’.

-Kathy Francis, Public Education Officer

No dog is too LARGE for the Booster Bath! Boomer is a Newfoundland that weighs 145 lbs. and is 32″ at the shoulder! They hop right in, feel real secure and I don’t get wet anymore! It’s absolutely wonderful! I love it! It’s the best thing I ever bought!

-Joyce Taylor, Bearhollow Newfoundlands, Watsonville, CA

I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for twelve years and I’ve never seen a product like this. It’s long overdue. I love the Booster Bath. It’s a wonderful product and I recommend it to all my clients. It has made bathing our pets so much easier.

-Benita Keiss, D.V.M., San Diego, CA

We purchased our Booster Bath well over 3 years ago for our working k9 Unit. I just wanted to let you know that it has been a real back saver and is used very often with no problems at all. These units are really well built and tough. I noticed a few days back that one of our neighbor’s now has one. I guess they witnessed how useful the unit is. Again just a note saying THANKS!

-Captain Roger Humphrey, Grant Country Kentucky Sheriff’s Department

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