Dear Booster Bath Inc., June, 2002 was our 15th staging of an annual weekend fundraiser, a “Dog Wash” for the canine public. We typically wash more than 300 dogs of all sizes in the 2-day event over a total of 12 to 13 hours. In 2002, we discovered and invested in the Booster Bath to the uniform delight and relief of our washers. The Booster Bath product is attractive, durable, simple to assemble, use and store. We highly recommend it, even if you aren’t washing 300 dogs in two days.
— Sandy Lindquist, Prescription Pet Program
Dear Booster Bath Inc., Just a little note to let you know we received the Booster Bath. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this item. The Booster Bath has been in constant use since it has arrived. In fact, the Booster Bath is such a hit with our volunteers, they are waiting in line to use it. And because it is mobile, I no longer have to wait for our staff to finish with surgeries to use their tub. It is really proving to be a valuable time saver as well as a ‘back saver’.
— Kathy Francis, Public Education Officer
I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Booster Bath. I have two Bouvier des Flandres. Giving them a bath used to be a real chore. Now, I know this sounds crazy, but I actually have fun giving them a bath in the Booster Bath. Booster Bath has made it into a much easier experience! First, I am able to give them baths (one at a time!) without anyone helping me. The dogs jump right up into the Booster Bath without any prompting. I don’t have to hold on to them because they are secured. Your tip about having the dogs jump into the bath with a snack is great. They love to see the Booster Bath because they know they’re getting a snack and a rub-down! Second, my back feels great! No more bending over! Third, everything is conveniently located within arms reach. I know exactly where the shampoo, creme rinse and the hose is! Fourth, the Booster Bath is light to haul in and out of the garage. I never thought that anyone could simplify a tedious task like bathing a dog! Thanks for a great product!
— Val Charles Chadds Ford, PA, Bouvier des Flanders Owner
I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for twelve years and I’ve never seen a product like this. It’s long overdue. I love the Booster Bath. It’s a wonderful product and I recommend it to all my clients. It has made bathing our pets so much easier.
— Benita Keiss, D.V.M. – San Diego, CA
I love this bath tub!! I have 3 Australian Shepherds and for the first time in years I have actually enjoyed bathing them. I didn’t have a mess in my bathroom and I didn’thave to chase wet, soapy dogs through the house. Thank you for a quality product.
— Melissa Perretta
I have recently purchased your Large Booster bath through ‘Groomers’ for the use of my Agility Border Collies and will now be advertizing how brilliant it is to my dog food customers whilst I am competing and delivering! I really do not know how i managed without one, it is absolutely fab and is so easy. I would desperately like to look into your Tropic Shower as my dogs deserve to be washed in warm water especially now in the winter months. Have spoken to Groomers and they are now putting an order in with you in the near future, therefore could I please purchase the Tropic Shower from you asap. Look forward to hearing from you asap!
— Kim Watts, Watts-Canine website and Stockist for CSJ Dog Food and Agility competiter on the UK circuit.
My staff and I have been using our Booster Bath for seven years and have been pleased with the quality of the product. It has withstood an average of weight to ten baths a day and has become an invaluable component of our grooming program. The hands-free system allows us to safely and easily control the dogs we are bathing and saves our backs the stress of bending. “While contemplating a groomers facilities update for our kennel, I asked my staff their thoughts about upgrading to a stainless steel bathing tub. They were content with the quality of the Booster Bath and felt that it would be a waste of money to purchase a different brand of bathtub. IN fact, we have been so satisfied with the performance of your product that we are investing in our second Booster Bath. Thank you for providing a great product!
— Brian Ness, President and Owner of Vintage Kennel Club – Sonoma, California
We have had our Booster Bath for about 7 years now. This wonderful product has made our lives SO much easier! We have 4 Goldens and have had 2 litters of 19 puppies total and buying the Booster Bath was the best investment we have ever made! After major back surgery last year, your tub was a godsend! Bathing my dogs use to put me in tears, (and I am no wimp!) and make me immobile for at least 2 days afterward. Your bath tub changed all of that! Thank you for such a great product!
— Cathy & Jim Phillips, Hemet, CA
I raise Rat Terriers so there is always somebody around here needing a bath. Bathing day before the Booster Bath was a painful ordeal for me. I have degenerative arthritis in my back and some slipped disks too… But now I can bath my dogs without the dread of pain during and after the baths. I cannot say my dogs all love the bath but I sure do!! Thanks for a great product!!!
— Penny Medders, Half Moon Rats American Rat Terriers, Houston Texas
We purchased our Booster Bath well over 3 years ago for our working k9 Unit. I just wanted to let you know that it has been a real back saver and is used very often with no problems at all. These units are really well built and tough. I noticed a few days back that one of our neighbor’s now has one. I guess they witnessed how useful the unit is. Again just a note saying THANKS!
— Captain Roger Humphrey, Grant Country Kentucky Sheriff’s Department
Hi, I am the President of the Border Collie Rescue of Northern California Inc. I purchased one of your booster baths to help with the bathing of our rescue dogs. I love this tub!!! It has literally saved my back!! We sell items to benefit our rescue on our website and I know we could sell a ton of your tubs. Thank you so much!
— Terri Newcomb, Border Collie Rescue of Northern California Inc. Gilroy, CA
At the Akita Nationals in San Diego, Ca. Absolutely loves the Booster Bath.
— Breeders Digest Magazine, Owner/editor James Taylor
Ordered your bath at the Tucson, AZ shows. Can’t say enough about this bath. Saves time and stress on the back. The dogs love it! No more fighting at bath time. They just climb right in! The Goldens love it and sometimes we have 2 at the same time waiting for their baths. Thanks again for a great product!
— Marti Gregoire, MGM Goldens and GSP, Peoria AZ
The comfort of the Booster Bath and Tropic Shower system to both the dog and to me, is apparent. The dirt pours down the drain and my back is no longer sore. My congratulations on a great product.
— Rob Seyko, M.D. – St. Clair, MI
Dear Booster Bath, I received the Booster Bath and I have to say that it is one of the best products I have ever used for my dog. As mentioned I will be doing a writeup in the November 125th edition under It’s a Dog’s Live. FYI: this is especially great for me at this time. My husky ended up with a horrible allergy problem and her skin has broken out, I have to bath her every day and leave the shampoo on her for 15 minutes. I get her in the tub, do the shampoo which is so easy with the Booster Bath because she is at “my level” and I can do a great job. Then she stands there, I sit in a chair at her head and pet and give her treats and again, this would be so difficult if we were trying to do it in our bathtub or even just standing. Easy to wash off really good, easy to towel dry. So this ended up coming at the right time – a lifesaver for me. And Graci thanks you too! I will send you extra copies of the magazine when it comes out. THANKS for such a fabulous product Jody!
— Susan E. Gibson, Founder & publisher – Prescott Valley, AZ
I just wanted to say thanks for shipping my booster bath so quickly and to tell you how much I am enjoying using it. It is a real back saver. Bath time is no longer such a dreaded and hard job. The dogs can hop right into the tub and when the bath is finished turn around and hop out. Very safe for the dogs and so easy for me. The Booster Bath is a useful and attractive addition to my home and one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Certainly worth the modest price. Thanks again for such a quality product.
— Dot Wallace, Hestsko Norwegian Elkhounds, Old Ocean TX
Can’t say enough about this bath. Saves time and stress on my back. Dogs love it! No more fighting the bath time.
— Julie Dixon LA california
I just ordered your tropic shower. LOVE the Booster Bath and encourage everyone to get one. Thanks for a great product.
— Susan Ablon – Balch Springs, TX
Thank you so much. We are using the dog bath, and my wife loves it! It’ll even handle the Saint Bernard’s with no problems and she can do it right in the garage out of the weather with warm water (the dogs love it too!) Thank you!
— Terry Maliepaard – Columbia, TN
We love our Booster Bath! Having 2 Golden Retrievers, it was costing $25 per dog. Even Tasha who really hates baths but loves to swim in the river was a lot less stressed. Now after having the Booster Bath a few months, our dogs jump in and we don’t need to use the leash restraint anymore!
— Bob and Cindy Wells, Boise ID
I just love your dog bath tub. I am disabled, and I had a over sized tub and shower in my bathroom. I had the tub taken out, and had one of your tubs put in my bathroom. I now can bathe my own dogs (a Dachshund and a Yorkie) without any help from neighbors. It is so nice to be independent again. And the dogs love it. Thank you so much.
— Darlene Fennell, Florida
If you want to wash your dog at home you really need the Booster Bath and Tropic Shower. Elevation and containment of your dog at bath time is the key in making the bathing process a whole lot easier and faster. Your dog will be happy, you will be happy. It is a winner in all directions. It is my pleasure to recommend them as wonderful products to use on your pets.
— Bruce R. Lindsey, D.V.M. – La Jolla, CA
I purchased the Booster Bath about 2 years ago for my Irish Setters. I used to tie them to my hose to keep them from wandering around, but that didn’t do much good – plus the fact my back was killing me by the time I managed to finish the job. I love the Booster Bath – especially the fact that it is elevated and there is no need to be bending over to bathe them and everything you need is so accessible. I tell everyone about how great it is, and I can’t imagine ever having to bathe them again… the old fashioned way!
— Marilyn, Southern California Resident – Irish Setter Owner
The Booster Bath has certainly changed the bath time from a dreaded chore to a pleasant task. I place retired greyhounds in new homes after their racing careers are over. When the dogs arrive, the very first thing we do is bathe them. Even the most timid of dogs readily climb into the tub and remain relaxed and easily managed.
— Karen Teplitzky - Ohio Greyhound Placement, Russell OH
I absolutely LOVE this product. Best money I ever spent! My dog would make a mess of my bath tub, now both she and I have fun at bath time. Thank you for this time saving and useful product!”
— Mike Sanders – Mammoth Lakes, CA
No dog is too LARGE for the Booster Bath! Boomer is a Newfoundland that weighs 145 lbs. and is 32″ at the shoulder! They hop right in, feel real secure and I don’t get wet anymore! It’s absolutely wonderful! I love it! It’s the best thing I ever bought!
— Joyce Taylor, Bearhollow Newfoundlands, Watsonville, CA
The dogs love it! They both want to be in it at the same time whether it’s bathing time or not, they jump in and look at us expectantly… two hefty labs at the same time does make bathing somewhat difficult but still lots of fun! It is SUPER and I’m so pleased we bought it!
— Verena and Jakob Nueburger, Zurich, Switzerland
I recently purchased the booster bath. I just wanted to say it is the best pet product I have ever purchased. It is so much more then I expected. It makes bathing so easy. No more back pain from leaning over to wash the dogs. Every feature from the collar to the drain, holder, hose, everything! It’s so much easier to bathe your dog. I really love this product.
— Pattie