RPI Float Waterers

The RPI Float Waterers make hydrating your pet a breeze. The automated waterers simply hook up to a hose and refills the water as needed.


Aqua Buddy Automatic Float Waterer 2 quart

The Aqua Buddy 2 -quart waterer is just the right size for the home. The Aqua Buddy uses an internal float and valve system. When your pet drinks and the water level drops, the valve opens and replenishes the water supply. As the bowl refills, the float rises and closes the valve. This simple but effective system will not overflow, and no training is required for your pet to use it.

Sir Aqua II Automatic Float Waterer 1.8 gallon

The 1.8 gallon stainless steel waterer connects to any garden hose to provide consistent fresh water for your pets. Ideal for cats, dogs, sheep, goat, cattle, horses, or any outside animals of all sizes. The largest drinking area of its kind!

Tough Guy Heavy Duty Automatic Float Water 1.5 gallons

Made from heavy duty, high-density polypropylene, the RPI TG40 1.5 Gallon Multi Purpose Automatic Float Waterier is tough enough for all types of animals. Ideal for medium to large dogs, sheep, goats, horses or other animal's hydration needs. No training required.